Meet the team at Accelerate Group Limited…


Matthew Smith – Matt has spent 15 years in the ecommerce and marketing industry where he held a senior management role for the one of the UK’s largest travel businesses. Currently Matt is the Director of Optimisation for Webtrends, responsible for driving the business unit from development, through delivery and execution, including holding the responsibility for P&L. In recent months, he has been instrumental in implementing and managing the current transformation plan to take the business forward.


Matthew Goodchild – Matt has been involved in ecommerce and IT operations for 17 years and was previously IT Operations Director for the World’s second largest B2B seller of hotels with a group annual turnover of £700m. Matt’s previous position oversaw the whole group IT operations, managing around 300 million tractions a day and operations in 13 countries. Matt is currently IT Director for Webstrends Optimize where he oversees all IT and engineering tasks within the group


Ben Charlesworth – has worked in a variety of digital marketing and eCommerce roles for 13 years. Within his current role he manages the eCommerce portfolio for the digital division of one of the UK’s largest travel businesses, with a team who look after the implementation, maintenance and performance of a large number websites throughout Europe.