Accelerate Group Limited is a holding company formed in mid-2018 that is focused on building technology companies that are dedicated to making a difference.

Made up of three individuals who have known each for a long time, and with careers that have intersected on several occasions, we held a strong, commonly shared belief that there has to be a better way.

A better way to initiate change. A better way to make things happen. To ensure that the right decisions are taken for the right reasons, and a better way to provide a brighter future for anyone who believes in that same ethos.

Accelerate Group Limited was a way of putting into action that belief and creating something that could affect real change.

With a combined background in eCommerce, Marketing, Optimisation, Sales, IT & Operations; a history of senior positions within a range of well known brands, organisations & sectors; plus experience of creating and managing a successful business from the ground up, there is an absolute confidence that the Accelerate Group Limited can realise that belief.